Not just that, of course; there is the small matter of qualifying for the

Annual Reunion

A minor insignificant trifle of a day in Normandy.

The traditional formula:

We take a Friday night ferry from England landing about 07:00 local time in France;
then it's off into the inky darkness for a 200km sociable amble round a pleasantly undulating 200km;
an even more sociable meal;
a wobbly ride to Saturdays' overnight ferry [arriving (if possible, Ian) before the ferry has departed] to land in England about 06:00 Sunday.

The modern take:

With the vagaries of the Poole >< Cherbourg crossing and it's total lack of suitable timings we have, for the last few years,
moved our allegiance to Portsmouth. The change in port has given us the variety of
The Ouistreham Circuit PROF overseen by Peter Marshall and for some their first brevet of the new season.

Taking the overnight crossing Portsmouth to Ouistreham, and experiencing the French version of the 'Full English' breakfast aboard we dash West amongst farmland to Balleroy for pastries and coffee.
Tacking South East lunch is bought and taken in a coffee shop (not necessarily the same place) in Thury Harcourt.
Further East we enjoy the banter with the proprieter at a café in the market place at St Pierre sur Dives
Over the hills to Auberville we turn West alongside the channel to return to Ouistreham.
A leisurely sociable meal with just a little alcoholic refreshment and it's back on board for the overnight return to Pompey.

To receive your invitation:

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