From the old rule book: "Concerning Permanent Rides

101. Permanents shall be rides which may be undertaken at any predetermined time at Randonneur or Tourist standard."

Wessex Super Randonneur Permanents

Room 101, wherein our pet hates reside. Likewise Rule 101. "Predetermined Time" is not "09:00Thaturday 16th Monthoberary but if it rains I'll go the next week end that it's fine. OK?" No, it's not OK. "Predetermined Time" IS 09:00 Thaturday 16th Monthoberary whatever (subject to PRIOR negotiation).

The true permanent follows a set route whereas with the calendar events the route is advisory; the organisors preferred way between controls. The other form of permanent, the diagonal, joins two coastal towns and the rider nominates their own route and control points which are then agreed with the organiser.

Riders may be unable to ride the calendar events or may of course fail to complete on the day.

In order to assist riders whose aim is the Wessex Super Randonneur AAA Series the permanent versions (at BRM level max time allowances) of the Dorset Coast (13h 40m), hard boiled 300 (20h), Porkers 400 (27h) and Hellfire [Brimstone] 600 (40h) may be substituted for their calendar counterpart. (Riding three Hellfires and a Dorset Coast will not count). The Hard Boiled 300 permanent may be substituted for the 3D300 calendar event.

* Dorset Coast Permanent * Hard boiled 300 * Porkers 400 * Hellfire[Brimstone] 600

Other Wessex Permanents

Two diagonals have been in place from the earliest of AUK times and were originally overseen by past champion Ray Haswell. These are the Poole >< Aberystwyth (300km) and the Poole >< Great Yarmouth (400km) rides.

The diagonals may be ridden as separate rides in both directions and, to make it that much more interesting, by two differing routes.

A genteel 200 exploring lovely places is The Dorset Delight

AUK regulations apply; lights and mudguards are compulsory; a signature, arrival time and a stamp on the brevet card to be obtained for all controls. Someone will be hard pressed to find a control at 00:44 with a stamp or a till receipt. In such a case a parking meter ticket or a bank cashpoint slip would suffice. Alternatively it is permissable to write in the time of arrival on the brevet card, and then on a post card which you then post from the control town to the organisor.

Please enter on the standard AUK form. The closing date for entries is three weeks before the date of departure and should include route details, a rough schedule, two stamped adressed envelopes and an entry fee which is five pounds sterling(£5). Your Brevet booklet will be posted to you about a week before you start. Upon completion the brevet booklet should be with the organisor (Regulation 107) within 14 days.

Please do not make a request to vary these conditions.

The Rosbif Randonnée Series of PROFS

Wessex goes to France, and to the 'Frogs' we are Rosbif. The Rosbif Series consists of one 200km circular ride based on Cherbourg, three circular rides based on St Malo [West, South, &#amp East] and three linear rides, one Cherbourg >< Ouistreham, one Ouistreham >< St Malo and one St Malo >< Cherbourg. Enter on the usual AUK form for the fee of £3 and two sae.

Riders may wish to just take a day trip and complete one event or do it as a part of a longer holiday. Alternatively, the series of rides may be viewed as THE holiday. It's up to you.

The Cherbourg based ride Le Transmanche has been used for the Wessex Super Randonneur Annual Reunion often as a day trip but occasionaly we combine our reunion with a local event the next day. In those years when we have not joined the French we have returned overnight and been able to ride Wessex DA CTC's New Forest based Gridiron event or indulge ourselves in the Dorset Delight or Dorset Coast permanents. Whichever way, it is an awheely good week-end.

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