August 1994 and the ancient kingdom of Wessex bore it’s second Super Randonneur series. The basic building block, the Dorset Coast, had survived; Ray Haswells’ Breakfast Brevet had been succeeded by the hard boiled; the gap left by Mick Latimers’ Salisbury 400 was now filled by the Porkers; completing the series rebirth the Brimstone filled the spot vacated by Keith Matthews’ Wessex Star. Each new event nudged and pushed forward the boundries of expectation of rider from self and machine. Local club rides would perhaps surmount all these roads and the climbs in the course of maybe a year; Audax would ride them all in a few weekends. It was not a trouble free birth. During the first hard boiled back in 1987 as the last fragments of the bedraggled bunch, physically broken and mentally bruised, dragged themselves homeward the one oft repeated idea that helped them survive the trauma to the oh so bitter end was the expectation of having the organiser lynched. Of course when Porkers came along everyone new what to expect: Brimstone was just the natural conclusion; the Crackpot became legend. June 2002 and the boundaries took another nudge with the 3D300. Born of the imagination of Peter Loakes and skillfully moulded, the 3D300 has earnt it's own special reputation in the calendar of events.

Audax events had taken me to unfamiliar parts of the British Isles and through the intimate knowledge of each organiser I had been treated to the most enjoyable parts of their locale; parts that I could only find by an accident of good fortune or by getting lost. I am indebted to and imbued with the attitude that prevailed in my early Audax days as expressed in the events organised by Nick Peregrine and Dave Pountney; an attitude that says 'It's not a climb, it's just a road with nice views'. In this vein I offer you a few favourite corners of my 'backyard': the Blackdown Hills: the Mendips and the Cotswolds: with Bulbarrow and Blackmore Vale: with Salisbury Plain and the Somerset Levels: with the Wylye, Nadder and Ebble Valleys: with the North Dorset Downs and Cranborne Chase.

AUK and organisers will be responsible only
for indicating or agreeing control points to confirm that a participant has completed a predetermined distance (the event) within the allowed time. The event is the organisers preferred route to achieve the BRM standard distance between the agreed control points.
Participants in the event will be responsible:
To ensure that the machine they are riding complies with the Road Traffic Regulations.
To exercise full and proper caution in their use of the highway.
To ensure efficient & effective lighting when the overall time limits of an event encompass the hours of darkness.
To ensure full mudguards are fitted (tricycles need have a mudguard on the single centre wheel only).
To provide proof of third party insurance cover on the entry form.
To accept responsibility for their own feeding and may stop for food and rest at any place.
To ensure that all necessary details are entered on the brevet card and signed at the end of an event.
To understand that participants who infringe AUK Regulations, ignore event officials’ instructions, or behave in a manner likely to bring an event or the club into disrepute may be excluded from the event.