La Transmanche 200km Brevet Permanent
Start: Cherbourg, France
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Originally a day trip out overnight from Poole to enjoy the variety of the Cotentin Peninsular.
Climb from Cherbourg and accross to roll aside the Atlantic sandbars into Barneville-Carteret (44km).
Cross The Cotentin Pass [low level marshland straddling the peninsular; threatening to sever the north] for Périers (86km).
Recross the Pass and ride up the east coast above Utah Beach to Quettehou (140km).
Climb the heights through farmland & forest then spin down through Cidre making hamlets towards the Atlantic and Benoitsville (181km).
That leaves a short steady return back through Octeville into Cherbourg (200km).
If the ride is to be started from the ferry on landing obtain your first stamp from the information desk on board.